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Citizens' panel

Our citizens' panel is a group of 2,000 North Yorkshire residents who share their views and ideas to help us understand local people's priorities.

Members of our panel answer a minimum of one and a maximum of three questionnaires during a year, each containing several sections about a range of issues. They can be completed electronically or on paper. Additionally, we sometimes conduct short telephone surveys, or invite a small number of people to take part in a focus group or local forum. The panel is one of the most important ways by which we consult with our residents to help shape our services.

Questionnaires are designed, distributed and collated on our behalf by an independent market research company, NWA Research Ltd. We both adhere to the data protection act and the market research code of conduct. This means your responses will be kept confidential and all information collected will be used anonymously.

Becoming a panel member

We are currently looking for new panel members.

The panel includes people from all backgrounds, ages and ethnicity. We would especially welcome members from under-represented groups such as young people and people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.

You can complete our online application form below. Becoming a member is free and you can leave at any time

NWA Research Ltd will contact you if you are selected to join.

What we do with survey results

The results of the panel have been used in a variety of ways including:

  • Contributing to the annual budget consultation process, the setting of council priorities and council tax level;
  • Contributing to strategic documents that shape the future direction of services in North Yorkshire, for example the local transport plan;
  • Providing information which helps to monitor the performance of various teams and activities; and
  • Providing information which can help to design specific services.

Results of the surveys are published below when available.

Panel newsletters

Panel newsletters include information on how results have been used.

Citizens' panel - frequently asked questions