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North Yorkshire population information

North Yorkshire has a population of around 602,300 (ONS mid-2015 population estimate). The principal urban areas are Harrogate, with around 75,260 residents and Scarborough with a population of around 52,160 (mid-2015 population estimates).

The population of the county has grown in recent years, partly by indigenous growth and partly by inward migration. It has a healthy economy with low unemployment and a preponderance of small to medium sized businesses. Agriculture is an important industry, as are mineral extraction and power generation. These traditional basic industries do not tell the whole story, however because the county also has healthy high technology, service and tourism sectors. See the economic information and analysis page for more economic details for the county, including employment statistics.

Population estimates

We use Office for National Statistics information to provide population estimates for each ward and parish within the county. These figures provide a useful indicator of population change between census years and are published as separate booklets, for wards and parishes.

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