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Copy certificates

You can use our website to request a copy of a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership certificate quickly and easily.

Apply online for a copy certificate

Use our online system to buy a copy certificate quickly and easily 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can view terms and conditions here.

We can only supply copy certificates for records held by our registration service. We do not hold records for the City of York, the Leeds area or Bradford, including Airedale hospital or any records from before 1 July 1837. You must apply directly to these registration services for these records. Find out about earlier records here.

Boundary changes over the years mean some towns and villages close to our boundary have changed districts. If you are not sure where the record you need is held, you can check here to decide where to apply for your certificate [new window]. For people who have been adopted, to apply for a certificate you must contact the General Register Office [new window].


You can view registration service fees here and find out about postage and turnaround times here.

Certificate searches service

If you are unable to supply enough information for us to issue a certificate we may be able to undertake a search on your behalf. There will be a fee for this search. Please contact us by email

Copy certificates - frequently asked questions