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Home composting is an easy way to reduce your household waste and produce compost for free.

For information and advice about how to make compost and use it in your garden, visit the York and North Yorkshire Waste Partnership website.

Special offer compost bins now available

Compost bins are available in two sizes for all North Yorkshire residents. They are made from recycled plastic and guaranteed for 15 years.

SizeCost including delivery
220 litre compost bin£16.98 + £5.49 delivery
330 litre compost bin£19.98 + £5.49 delivery

You can also 'buy one, get one half price' when you buy two bins of the same size; visit the get composting website for further information. Other products, such as caddies, wormeries, green cones and bokashi bins, are also available to purchase.

Help with composting

Our volunteer team of composters, called the North Yorkshire Rotters, can give you information and advice on how to compost. The Rotters attend numerous events across the county and deliver talks and demonstrations to local groups. They also have a help line. For advice, or to become a volunteer, visit the York and North Yorkshire waste partnership website.

Reduce your food waste even further

Normal compost bins can take only fruit and vegetable peelings. However, there are specialised bins to deal with cooked food waste which, when combined with home composting, could eliminate food waste from your rubbish. To find out more about alternative composting systems, visit the York and North Yorkshire waste partnership website