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Freedom of information - advice

Under the Freedom of Information Act, you have the right to request access to general information that we hold.

Before submitting a request

Before you submit a request you may find it useful to look at the disclosure logs. These are a monthly list of requests which we have already responded to. You can request a copy of the response, which will be sent to you within five working days.

You may also wish to check the council's pdf icon publication scheme [172kb] which identifies information already published by the council.

It is important to remember that within North Yorkshire there are seven district and borough councils as well as the county council. Each are responsible for different functions within North Yorkshire, as follows:

County council

District councils

  • benefits
  • council tax collection
  • electoral register and elections
  • environmental health (including stray animals)
  • leisure facilities
  • on street closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras
  • planning applications
  • social housing
  • waste collection

Submit a request

If the information you are requesting is in relation to a county council service, you can make a request for information using our online form below. Otherwise, see the links on the right to make a request from your district or borough council.

Or, you can contact the information governance team by emailing or writing to Information Governance Manager, Internal Audit Service, County Hall, Northallerton, DL7 8AL, stating your name, postal or email address and what information you would like. It will help us if you explain as clearly as possible exactly what information you are interested in. We generally reply to requests by email, but if you would like the information in any specific format let us know when you make your request. We will respond as soon as possible and within 20 working days.

After submitting a request

Your request will be passed on to the relevant service area, who will be responsible for replying to you.

We will always provide as much information as possible, but there are rules that allow us to withhold certain types of information. For example, if providing the information would infringe someone else's privacy or, if the information you have asked for is not environmental, would take longer than 18 hours to acquire. If we are unable to provide any information we will explain why. See pdf icon additional information on the reasons why we might not be able to provide information [136kb].

Paying for an information request

Where we can provide information electronically there won't usually be a charge. If we need to provide a lot of information in hard copy, there may be a charge to cover printing and postage costs but we will advise you if this is the case. See our pdf icon freedom of information charges [20kb].

If we have contacted you requesting payment, you can pay using our online form:

Freedom of information - frequently asked questions