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School meals

Our school meals follow a healthy-eating policy.

Our meals are produced freshly every day in a school kitchen from only:

  • fresh meat and poultry sourced from the region;
  • fruit and vegetables sourced regionally where possible using local suppliers;
  • products free from additives associated with health problems in young children;
  • fats free from hydrogenated oils; with
  • menus that are nutritionally balanced

Primary schools

From September 2014 key stage one children (reception, years 1 and 2) are entitled to a free school meal. For key stage two pupils (years 3, 4, 5 and 6) the average price is £2.10. Please note that schools set their own meal prices so you should check with your child's school for price and payment arrangements.

In our primary schools our meals;

  • have a three-menu cycle, allowing children to become familiar with the food served;
  • are changed every term to reflect the seasons; and 
  • are written in consultation with pupils and cooks.

Secondary schools

Secondary schools operate a cafeteria system with a wide choice of lunches: 

  • you can eat Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Italian or Spanish dishes;
  • have a meal deal with an apple, drink and a cheese sandwich; or
  • have a freshly-made two-course lunch every day.

Pupils pay on the day. Some secondary schools have a cashless system and pupils are issued with smart cards or use their finger or thumb print to identify themselves. Your secondary school will tell you if it operates this system and how you can pay for meals in advance.

School meals - frequently asked questions