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Roads - closures and diversions

We can authorise road closures and diversions temporarily, for example to allow roadworks, or permanently, through what is called a 'stopping up order'. The police can also close roads for public safety reasons.

There are many reasons why we may need to close a road - for maintenance and repairs, flooding, gas leaks, land slippage or events and street parties.

Any works on the public highway involving either a road closure or traffic restrictions require a traffic regulation order.

If a request is made for a road to be closed permanently we will make an application to the magistrates' court following consultation with statutory consultees and the local community. If a stopping up order is approved by the court, the land will revert back to whoever owned the land before it became a public highway.

Road and bridge closures during severe weather

To view a comprehensive list of current confirmed road and bridge closures across North Yorkshire, visit the current emergency road and bridge closures page:

This page is updated in the event of severe weather.

Planned roadworks

You can view information about planned roadworks and closures using our interactive map. Access it using the button below.