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There have been potholes on the road for a while, when will they be repaired?

We prioritise the repair of potholes based on the level of risk to road users.

If a pothole has been inspected and assessed as needing attention, it will be added to a programme of work. We prioritise their repair based on a number of factors including the depth, size and location of the pothole on the road; the volume of traffic; and the speed of the road.

If the reported pothole does need attention but does not pose an immediate hazard to the road user, it will be fixed along with a number of other potholes in the same vicinity as part of an overall programme of work. It is more cost effective to repair defects in this manner. Contractors are required to complete their work within 90 days of it being issued however this target is dependant of weather conditions and changing priorities.

We check the state of current known defects during monthly safety inspections of main roads to ensure that they have not worsened to the point where they now pose a hazard to road users. These safety inspections are carried out less frequently on low traffic roads where further erosion is likely to be slower due to the reduced traffic volumes.