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I pay high road tax and fuel prices, so why aren't the roads in better condition?

Funds from vehicle excise duty (VED) and fuel don't come directly to us, they go to central government. Each year, we receive an allocation of funds from central government which we must decide how to use.

We face the following challenges:

  • Overall, the indicative settlement from the government for transport for the next four years equates to an approximate 12 per cent cut in cash terms, and an approximate 15 per cent cut in real terms taking into account inflation;
  • The previous two exceptionally severe winters resulted in approximately £36million worth of accelerated damage to the highway, providing significant additional budget pressures. This impact has been recognised and we have received an extra £6.632million this year to repair the damage. A programme of schemes has already been developed; and
  • It's thought that the nation as a whole has a £1billion backlog of road repairs; in North Yorkshire road maintenance needs are estimated as being at least £200million.

Whilst the required cuts are significant we should not lose sight of the fact that for the next four years we still expect to have between £54million and £57million available each year to deliver the highways service. Although the network we manage is vast (over 5,800 miles of roads, 2,600 miles of footways and 2,000 bridges) we still aim to deliver a high quality service. This covers all repair and improvement work, not just the repair of potholes.