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Elections - electoral register

The electoral register is a record of everyone who lives in a local authority area and is eligible to vote.

It's kept in two versions - full, which includes all electors, and edited, which only includes those who have given permission for their details to be on the list. The edited version is available for viewing by the public at the council, and may be sold commercially.

Postal and proxy voting

As well as voting in person on election day, you can vote by proxy. People who cannot attend the polling station, usually because of ill-health or employment, can nominate another person to vote on their behalf. If it is unlikely you will be able to get to the polling station on election day because of access problems, you can apply to vote by post. Your completed application form must be returned to your local electoral registration officer by 5pm, 11 working days before election day. Postal votes are usually sent out about a week before election day.

Responsibility for the electoral register - visit your local district or borough council for this service

In North Yorkshire this service is delivered by your local district or borough council. Use the links below to visit your district or borough council website: