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Planning consultations and publicity

National legislation advises that planning applications are publicised and consulted on in accordance with the statement of community involvement.

We deal with mineral and waste planning applications and those concerning our own buildings and property.


Publicity can take three forms:

  • A site notice posted on or near the application site;
  • Individual neighbour notification letters to adjacent and/or nearby properties; or
  • Publication of a formal press notice in the local newspaper. 

A period of time, normally 21 days, is allowed from the date of publicity, for comments or objections to be made.


After an application is submitted, consultation will take place depending on the location, nature of the development and effect on neighbouring properties. Local and national guidance is followed for this process. Those consulted are given a time period to respond and comments are taken into account, along with planning policy and other considerations, before a decision is made.

Visit our online planning register to view and comment on existing planning applications.  

Residential, commercial and industrial planning

Your local district or borough council deal with consultations and publicity relating to residential, commercial and industrial planning applications. For more information, use the links below to visit your district or borough council website: