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Why should I report a pothole here rather than on a third party website?

If you wish to report a pothole or other highway fault, we encourage you to do so via our online reporting system.

Reports made this way are cheaper for the council to process and give you a speedier resolution where we are able to repair the fault.

However, there are various third party websites on which people can log reports of potholes. We process reports received from these sites, but they can take up more staff time and do not always provide all the information we require.

If you use our system

  • You can pinpoint a pothole on a map to report its exact location.
  • Reports go straight to the highway inspector to investigate without needing to go through any other staff.
  • You can log in to track the progress of your pothole report and view any updates from the highways inspector.
  • It saves the council money, because reports go straight into our system without customer service staff needing to re-input information.

If you use other third party websites

  • Issues are sent to us by email and go to our customer service team. As we receive hundreds of emails it can take time to get to your report and log it in our system. Using our website ensures your report is logged much faster.
  • We always acknowledge receipt of pothole reports from third party websites. However, the sites do not always reflect this.
  • Third party websites do not always give us the minimum level of information we need to investigate and repair a pothole; reports can be vague and we do not have the resources to analyse miles of road to find a single fault.
  • A benefit often cited by third party sites is that you can see reports other people have made and monitor the performance of your council in filling potholes. However, as there are several third party sites, a pothole you report may already have been reported elsewhere, but you would not see this.
  • Third party sites display a list of logged potholes and an indication of how many have been filled. However, these will be inaccurate unless customers return to update their report to say a fault has been rectified, or we make a special effort to mark reports as rectified, at a cost of staff time.